Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

AC Motor Start and Run Capacitors (Aluminum Case)
cbb65 capacitor - sse capacitor

Type: SMPA-CBB65


  1. Applied to starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz/60Hz frequency.
  2. Self-healing characteristic.
  3. High reliability and explosion proof design.
  4. Cylinder or elliptic cylinder types of the capacitors.
  5. Single or dual capacity in one capacitor.


    AC Motor Start and Run Capacitors are widely used for electric motors starting or running such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, motor pump, bread maker, fan, electrical power tool, power supply, UPS, etc.


Rated Voltage 200 ~ 500VAC
Capacitance Range 2 ~ 100μF
Capacitance Tolerance ±5% (J), +10-5% (U), ±10% (K), ±20% (M)
Temperature Range -40 ~ +85℃
Rated Working Frequency Range 50 ~ 60Hz
Dissipation Factor(DF) ≦ 0.002 (100Hz, 20℃)
Between Terminals (T-T) Rated voltage x 175% VAC 10sec
Between Terminals and Case (T-C) 2000VAC, 60sec
Insulation Resistance (IR) ≧ 3,000MΩ.μF, 100VDC, 1min at 20℃
Climatic category 40 / 70 / 21 or 40 / 85 / 21
Class of operation Class B (10000h), Class C (3000h)
Class of safety protection P2 / P1