Welcome to Shiny Space

Founded in 1976, Shiny Space Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a capacitors design and manufacturing company and provides a broad range of passive components. Shiny Space has been approved as an ISO9001 company since 1998 and ISO14001 company since 2004. Also, our products have approved by UL, CUL, ENEC, TUV, CQC etc. The products manufactured by Shiny Space that are RoHS compliant and 100% made in Taiwan.   read more about SSE Capacitor


Products Overview

Items Type Image Capacitance Rated Voltage
Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors SX1
Class X1 Capacitors
0.0022uF ~ 10uF 300VAC
AC Motor Start and Run Capacitors
Plastic Case
0.01uF ~ 90uF 125VAC ~ 600VAC
AC Motor Start and Run Capacitors
Aluminum Case
2uF ~ 100uF 200VAC ~ 500VAC
AC Motor Start and Run Capacitors
TUV, CQC Approved
0.5uF ~ 20uF TUV: 420 / 450VAC
CQC: 420 / 450 / 460VAC
AC Motor Start and Run Capacitors
UL, CUL Approvedd
0.01uF ~ 90uF
0.01uF ~ 25uF
190VAC ~ 250VAC
420VAC ~ 460VAC
AC Motor Start and Run Capacitors
Fuse Protection
0.01uF ~ 90uF 125VAC ~ 460VAC
X1, Y2 Integrated Capacitors
X: 0.0047uF ~ 1uF
Y: 0.001uF ~ 0.1uF
X: 300VAC
Y: 250VAC
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors SSM
HyperLink 1pF ~ 100uF 6.3VDC ~ 3KVDC
SMD Chip Capacitors
1pF ~ 100uF 6.3VDC ~ 3KVDC
Metallized Polyester Capacitors MPE HyperLink 0.01uF ~ 4.7uF 100VDC ~ 630VDC
MEA HyperLink 0.01uF ~ 10uF 100VDC ~ 630VDC
MET 0.01uF ~ 10uF 100VDC ~ 630VDC
High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors HV HyperLink 1pF ~ 0.1uF 500VDC ~ 20KVDC
Safety Standard Recognized Ceramic Capacitors Y
Y1, Y2 Ceramic Capacitors
HyperLink Y1: 100pF ~ 4700pF
Y2: 100pF ~ 10000pF
Y1: 250VAC
Y2: 250VAC

Items Type Image Voltage Dimension
Metal Oxide Varistors SSR 18V ~ 1100V 5D ~ 25D